Friday, January 8, 2010

Does al Qaeda Have the Upper Hand in Attacking U.S. National Security?

Dr. Walid Phares

Lesson number one: In this terror war, the jihadists have the upper hand. They are the ones who choose to use a new weapon and they are also the ones who – by using simple logic – have refrained from using the same terror weapons more than once. In fact, since September 2001, al Qaeda’s terrorists have avoided rushing into the cockpit of an airliner with box cutters. Does this mean we were successful in deterring the terrorists? Of course: as long as we can prevent them from using the 9/11 methods, they won't be naïve enough to repeat the same strategy. So is the U.S. winning the fight with al Qaeda by using these specific measures? No, we are simply protecting our population until the war is won. But winning is not measured by surviving potential copycat attacks.