Saturday, February 5, 2011

U.K.'s Prime Minister Cameron: 'Europe must wake up' to Islamic threat from within

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron today called on European leaders to “wake up” to the radicalization of young Muslims in their own countries and tackle extremist ideology at home with “muscular liberalism.”

Cameron told the Munich Security Conference that governments should abandon multiculturalism and the tolerance of “unacceptable views and practices” within their societies and promote the benefits of western values. Instead, governments should aim for “a clear sense of shared national identity.”

“A genuinely liberal” country “believes in certain values and actively promotes them,” Cameron said. “Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, democracy, the rule of law, equal rights regardless of race, sex or sexuality. It says to its citizens, this is what defines us as a society. To belong here is to believe in these things.”

While the U.K. will maintain its status as the fourth highest spender on defense, the biggest threat to its security comes from young men who follow an extremist interpretation of Islam, Cameron said. Fifty-two people were killed by four British-born suicide bombers in London in July 2005 and the security services have halted a number of terrorist attacks being planned by young British men