Thursday, January 13, 2011


The Muslims of the Americas, a non-profit offshoot of the radical Jamaat ul-Fuqra, hosted a holiday program in honor of the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday at the Days Inn in Binghamton, New York on January 9.

The gala event attracted over six hundred celebrants, including the Mayor and residents of Islamberg, ul-Fuqra’s paramilitary compound in Hancock, New York and other Islamic “settlements” throughout the country. Several Muslims made the trek to upper New York State from Canada, Venezuela, and Pakistan.

Andrew Block, attending on behalf of Binghamton Mayor Matthew T. Ryan, said “events like these enrich our community.”

Dr. Mazrui is renowned for his anti-Israeli and his anti-American remarks. In one of his speeches, he said: “The population of Jews in the US is 3 percent…but [their genius] leads to their controlling so much power that even presidents are scared. Whether Obama will be able to escape the notion that 3 percent of the country is so powerful that the top gentile in the land cannot criticize Israel is not clear.”

In another speech, Dr. Mazrui remarked: “Israeli neo-Nazism reversed the scale of genetic values favored by German Nazis. Both forms of extremism exaggerated the impact of the Jewish factor. The Nazis thought the Jewish impact was negative. The Israeli extremists erred the other way.”

Dr. O’Heron and the other celebrants made no mention of Dr. Mazrui’s hatred of Jews nor did they seem aware that The Muslims of the Americas is, according to federal and state law enforcement officials, a “front organization” for terrorist activities.

A 2005 Homeland Security report predicts that the Muslims of the Americas will sponsor the next terrorist attack on American soil.