Thursday, January 20, 2011

Afghanistan: Opposition Politician Calls for Sharia Rule; "Most of Afghanistan is Under the Taliban's Control"

Afghan opposition politician Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai called for Sharia Rule in Afghanistan, Says: 'I Can Say And Emphasize That Most of Afghanistan's Territory is Under the Taliban's Control; Only Kabul And Some Capitals Such as Jalalabad, Herat, Mazar-e Sharif, are Under The Government’s Control.'

"It can be held here that this Muslim nation will only accept the application of Sharia law and as long as the Americans are present in Afghanistan, the war will not stop. The simple solution is the departure of foreign troops from our country. Their presence is a major cause for administrative corruption; and this situation cannot continue for a long [time]."

"A meeting took place in Kabul with Taliban representative Mullah Mohammed and American General Reider. The meeting lasted for about two hours. The representative of the Taliban said to the American General: ‘I am your enemy; I will kill myself to oust you from our land because Karzai and his advisers want your money. But the Taliban want nothing but your withdrawal from our land. If you can buy even one of the leaders of the Taliban for 20 million dollars, we will surrender before you and would not fight against you.