Sunday, December 19, 2010

Muslim Terrorists Stab US Woman; Second Person May Be Kidnapped in Israel

Saturday’s stabbing and murder attack in the forest near Beit Shemesh was probably a terror attack, police said on Sunday.

The police investigation is still underway into the attack that wounded Givat Zeev resident Kay Wilson, an olah from Great Britian, and killed her friend Kristine Luken, as they were hiking in the wooded hills west of Jerusalem.

“We are still looking at all directions, still continuing the investigation, and questioning people who may have seen them,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told the Post. “The main direction is that this was a nationalistic attack, though we haven’t ruled out possibilities of criminal incident.”

“There have been no claims by [terrorist] organizations,” Rosenfeld added. He said that the investigation was a double-pronged approach between police investigation and information from intelligence organizations.

The body of Kristine Luken, an American citizen living in England who was visiting Israel, was found south of Mata, approximately 400 meters from the road between Mata and Beit Shemesh, police said. Her body was discovered around 6:30 AM.