Friday, June 4, 2010

4 Rockets Hit Israel as Ship Rachel Corrie to Defy Israeli Blockade

Four Qassam rockets fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza hit southern Israel on June 3 just as organizers of an aid ship, the Irish-owned MV Rachel Corrie (named after the leftist fool Rachel Corrie, pictured here, who was thankfully bulldozed to death during one of her anti-Semitic protests), say they expect to arrive in Gaza early Saturday (June 5) in defiance of an Israeli blockade on the territory. The new ship set sail days after a pre-meditated attack on Israeli soldiers May 31 attempting to intercept a flotilla filled with aid cargo bound for Gaza from Turkey. Iran-backed Hamas has refused to allow Israel to deliver into Gaza the humanitarian aid from the ships.

Terrorists in Gaza have fired thousands of rockets at civilians in Israel since Israel gave up all of Gaza in 2005 and handed the area over to the Palestinians in hopes of paving the way for peace.

Like the ships in the flotilla, the MV Rachel Corrie is sponsored by the Free Gaza Movement, and the Israeli government has offered to escort the vessel to the southern Israeli port city of Ashdod and deliver the aid to Gaza once it’s inspected – just as with the flotilla. However, those on board have refused, saying they were concerned some of the banned contents they’re bringing won’t be delivered to Gaza. Among those items is concrete, which Hamas in the past has used to build bunkers.

Although Israel dispatched eight truckloads of aid from the flotilla to the Kerem Shalom crossing into Gaza on June 1 after the cargo was examined in Ashdod, Hamas refused to accept the aid. Said a Hamas official, "We refuse to receive the humanitarian aid until all those who were detained aboard the ships are released."

The Irish branch of the Free Gaza Movement owns the MV Rachel Corrie, a cargo ship that was originally part of the flotilla but was held up for logistical reasons and so was not seized in the May 31 raid. Fifteen activists, including Irish and Malaysian nationals, are aboard the ship.