Monday, May 3, 2010

Manhunt for Times Square bombers on flights from Boston, New York, Philadelphia

US security officials began screening passengers boarding domestic and foreign flights out of Boston, New York and Philadelphia Monday night, May 3, hoping to snare a likely foreign terrorist or terrorists on the run after planting the Times Square car bomb.
By then, US officials had come around to accepting that the failed car bomb attack was coordinated by more than one person - possibly even a foreign terrorist organization - and no longer cast doubt on the credibility of the Pakistani Taliban's claim of responsibility.
debkafile's European and Middle East sources report that the US has urgently asked West European and Middle East governments to keep a sharp lookout for the arrival of wanted suspects on the run. The investigation got off to a slow start due to the initial skepticism in the administration and New York City Hall to the possibility of a high-profile terrorist operation demanding immediate, comprehensive action.
Shortly after the car bomb parked near on Times Square was defused safely Saturday night, May 1, debkafile reported: Our terror experts doubt that he was a loner. Surveillance was needed to locate the bomb vehicle and steal it from the used car junkyard, several hands must have assembled the materials and prepared the explosive device, and his lightning disappearance indicates that a getaway car must have been on hand to whisk him away from the scene before the police arrived.