Wednesday, April 21, 2010

US gives up military option, non-UN sanctions against Iran

US deputy defense secretary Michele Flournoy said Wednesday, April 21: "The US has ruled out a military strike against Iran's nuclear program any time soon." This is the first time a senior administration official has publicly admitted that America has dropped its military option against Iran. Instead, said Flournoy, the US is hoping that "negotiations and United Nations sanctions will prevent the Middle East nation from developing nuclear weapons."
Addressing a news conference in Singapore, she said clearly: "Military force is an option of last resort, it's off the table in the near term."
debkafile's military sources report that this statement contradicts every public assertion by president Barack Obama, defense secretary Robert Gates and the chairman of the joint Chiefs of staff Adm. Mike Mullen, all of whom have insisted that all options are on the table if Iran fails to curb its current nuclear activities.
This reversal amounts to a beckoning finger at America's open door for Iran to return to the negotiating table.