Thursday, March 4, 2010

Four Muslim fanatics jailed for planned "bloodbaths" at US targets in Germany to create a "second 9/11"

The terror attacks were to take place in October 2007, when parliament was to vote to extend German participation in the NATO force in Afghanistan.

"The confessions of the accused were the most comprehensive talks concerning terrorism ever heard in a German court of law," said Rolf Tophoven, director of the institute of terrorism research and security policy in Essen.

"They gave an exact description of what was going on in the terror training camps in Pakistan."

Schneider also admitted to trying to kill a policeman who he shot at when they moved in to break up their cell in September 2007.

The US Air Force base at Ramstein as well as discos, restaurants and nightclubs in the area used by service personnel were written down as potential targets for a series of bombings. It has been called the biggest surveillance operation in German post-war history.