Monday, January 4, 2010

Postal boss moonlights for cash from corporations

The financially troubled U.S. Postal Service pays Robert F. Bernstock a $232,500 salary to oversee its shipping and mailing division, but a little-known hiring provision allows the executive to earn even more money from outside corporate sources.

Mr. Bernstock took home more than $270,000 in cash and other compensation combined in fiscal 2008 by serving on the corporate boards for weight-loss giant Nutrisystem Inc. and Pantry Inc

"Postal customers have every right to ask if they're getting a full-time employee who can devote the time to help keep Postal Services from crumbling even further," said Pete Sepp, vice president of policy for the nonpartisan National Taxpayers Union, which monitors spending of the government and spinoff agencies such as the Postal Service.